Fancy Pants Gift Certificate


If you, like me, groan at the consideration of the ubiquitous retail gift certificate, then boy do I got a fun solution for ya! Y'all know I gotta be super "extra" about everything, so this Willy Wonka golden ticket lookin' thing is what you get. These are for that special someone(s) who you want to go big for, and show it, even if you're not comfortable making specific selections on their behalf.

Etched brass face with the Accoutre logo, backed with black acrylic that allows for a personalized message. They're $250 and meant to be a little less vapid than a digital plastic card, heavy and meant to serve as a momento even after they're redeemed. They weigh 6.3oz(!) and measure 6.5" x 1/8" x 2".

Here are the details:

Cards are valued at $250, redeemable in-store or online. They are valid for one full calendar year, from date of purchase. The cards' acrylic backing can hold a personalized message of up to fifty characters. *Make sure to add your personalized message in the "Add Order Note" option when you begin the checkout process*

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