Sharpening Service

We are happily offering sharpening services for culinary knives. All work is performed by hand on whetstone using traditional methods and expertise. Your knives will never be subject to grinders or mechanically driven belt abrasives (unless there is a significant level of repair needed). Knives are sharpened on a weekly basis, beginning Saturday evening and continuing into Sunday afternoon. We do not currently offer re-handling services. 
Prices are determined on a knife-by-knife basis based on the length and profile of the knife, and scale of work required. Typically this is between $10-$25. An additional $5 is added per knife for single bevel edges. A firm price will be given at the time of drop off, and a payment is remitted upon pick up.
Please note, due to increased volume, we are only accepting up to FOUR knives per client, per week. 


Sharpening Guidelines

1. Please do not ship knives to us without first corresponding by email or phone.

2. Straight edge knives only, we do not work on serrated knives. Shears and scissors must be evaluated in-person prior to acceptance. 

3. All knives must be thoroughly washed in hot, soapy water immediately prior to pickup/ drop off.

4. Bonus points for further sanitizing with disinfecting wipes (i.e. Clorox or Lysol), and/ or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

5. Knives are to be loose upon drop off. No knife blocks, rolls, sayas, edge guards, kitchen towels, etc. A small bag or box is suitable, and we will wrap them individually once the final edge is set, prior to return.

6. Wash your knives. Failure to remit clean knives will result in a $5 per knife cleaning fee, or outright refusal.

7. You may want to leave one or two behind to prep and cook with while others are being serviced (or not, and use that opportunity to grab takeout from your fav neighborhood restaurant. And tip well). We cannot release individual knives of a given lot, until all work is completed.


**Knives may be dropped off to our storefront location Fridays and Saturdays by 4pm and picked up on Sunday of the same week. Please drop us a line prior to dropping off if you wish more than four knives for servicing, for proper booking. All protocols above must be strictly adhered to for service consideration. Curbside option is also available, just call when you arrive.**