Deep Fry & Candy Thermometer


Take the unnecessary guessing out of candy making, baking/ pastry applications and deep frying, knowing where your sugar, caramel, oil, etc. are holding. Easy to read temperature markers fully encased in high density, non-reactive glass and includes a protective sleeve with a handy guide printed on the side. Measures 8.5" x ø0.5". Reads temps from 100°F/ 50°C to 400°F/ 200°C; for accurate reading make sure the thermometer step tip does not touch the bottom of the pan. Adjust the pan clip to the correct positioning and clip to the edge of the pan. 

Caution: Remove plastic protective sleeve before use. Do not expose glass tube to dramatic shifts in temperature, let the glass tube come to room temperature before removing from the pan and cleaning. Do not lay thermometer on very cold or wet surfaces.

Cleaning & Care: Handwash only. Do not immerse fully in water or put in dishwasher.

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