Garlic Chili Crisp


Unless your chili crisp is made by (or the recipe is passed down from), your grandmother, THIS is the chili crisp you should, nay, NEED to be using. Super crunchy, light but noticeable heat, a little tangy-sweet, it's got everything you want in perfect balance and harmony. Go ahead and get two while you're at it, 'cause you'll be putting this on everything (not even kidding). Small-batch-handcrafted in Seattle, WA. Please thoroughly read ingredients for potential allergen information

6oz jar: non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, peanut, garlic, dried chili pepper, cane sugar, shallot, sesame oil, fermented soybean (soybean, salt), sichuan peppercorn, spices, mushroom seasoning (mushroom powder, salt, mushroom extract, vitamin B, calcium) sea salt, gluten-free tamari powder (soybean, salt, cane sugar, non-gmo maltodextrin). *Contains: peanuts, soy, sesame*

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