Horn & Heel

H&H Chinese Cleaver


Shooo Weeeee! This colossus! Admittedly a little bigger than some Chinese cleavers/ taller nakiris out there, but you know this one is "a classic Horn & Heel x Accoutre Mess Around" lol. Front heavy, steep grind, thin behind the edge and big enough to cruise through literally any vegetable and fruit oriented tasks you can ever imagine to throw at it. 216mm edge length of 52100 high carbon steel fit up on a very comfortable (and highly suitable for either pinch grip or full-grip preferences), rounded-corner square-ish tapered handle of birch burl and ebony with a classy inlay of silver and red G10. Handcrafted in Nashville, TN.

216mm edge length, 89mm tall and almost a full pound in weight (14.9oz)

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