Horn & Heel

H&H Dark Takobiki

Ok then, Horn & Heel, go 'head and pop off! Wowzers, peep this *insane* takobiki-inspired slicer profile: soft and stunning forced patina on an exemplary piece of 52100 high carbon steel, with the geometry that is just gonna cruise through those proteins, land or sea alike. Clocking in at 287mm from heel to tip along the edge, you're gonna get the uninterrupted fluidity that's crucial to the acton of its indented performance. This baddie is fit up with the exclusive shiled-shaped wa style handle of gaze-capturing spalted tamarind, nickel silver ring inlays and a Richlite ferrule. You want a big knife, this is a big knife, GET THIS BIG KNIFE! Handcrafted in Nashville, TN

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