Toyo-Sasaki Glass

HS Short Tumbler

Toyo Glass was founded in 1878 during the Meiji era and officially merged with Sasaki Glass 1957.

Toyo-Sasaki Glass is a company comprised of master craftsmen who specialize in the art of glass-making. Each artisan requires at least 15 years of glassmaking experience to be accepted by the Certified Traditional Japanese Craft-Masters.

The glassware products designed by TSG are exclusive and maintain durability. The HS (Hard Strong) Series is their premier brand which has been used in the catering and restaurant industry for over 40 years and was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award. The tumbler's stackable quality and sturdy build makes it a suitable not only to food service establishments, but also for home use. Sold in sets of two. Each has a 10.5oz capacity.

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