Mindful Objects

Mindful Objects Woven Stones


To experience the work of Felicity Hall is to become connected with the most extraordinary feelings of natural elements. Each stone is selected and woven by hand at her home in Pewsey Vale, England, in a delicate and intentional pattern that works with its individual character and form. In her words, "It is my hope that those who come into relationship with the stones I work with feel an invitation to inquiry, to observe, touch, feel and sense the texture, curvature, temperature and lifeforce of the stones in all their beauty, to participate and feel “in relationship with” the natural world. By engaging our senses, we actively participate in observing beauty and learn to attend to what we notice. Through participating we find ourselves “in relationship with” the living world, inviting curiosity to our belonging within the web of all life."

Each stone is unique, and are available in two general sizes, Small (6-9cm), and Medium (9-14cm). The selections are photographed in separate groups with an assigned product number (Letter and Number). Selecting the corresponding designation in the drop down menu will determine the stone of your choice to add to your cart. 

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