Monolith Knives

Chesapeake Oyster Knife


Designed for the bill shucking approach (the "front" end, opposite the hinge), these exemplary tools have a squeaky clean fit & finish, and tactility that is ingenuitive and super pleasant to hold. So if you find yourself in a situation like Bradley Cooper in that trash kitchen movie, "Burnt", with a thousand oyster penance looming, at least you'll be comfortable. The steel is top-of-the-game Swedish Damasteel®️, while the handle materials are varied woods from the Central and Northwest VA region, sustainably and ethically sourced. Please see the descriptions below to find your preferred selection. 64mm blade length. Handcrafted in Charlottesville, VA. 

Second photo, Left to Right:

Wild Cherry w/ Damasteel; Spalted Maple w/ Damasteel; Black Walnut w/ Damasteel; Red Oak w/ Damasteel; Heart Pine w/ Damasteel


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