Spray Can Mill

We had a lot of fun with this project, a collaborative effort between Accoutre and George Rhoads of American Haptics: an homage to the ubiquitous spray can and a nod to the graffitti and 80's/ 90's hairspray-oriented subcultures we came up in (we have fun around here). Each form is constructed from solid maple and features the superior, patented and now industry standard, Crush Grind®️ internal mechanism. The unit uses ceramic pieces to crush and grind as opposed to smashing and smearing the spices or salt for intended use. It also has an easy to adjust/ locking dial to control the grind coarseness, instead of the pain-in-the-neck top screw compression style. Truly a game changer. The ebonized version uses tannins to achieve the black look, while both are conditioned with beeswax and are completely food safe/ non-toxic. Handcrafted in Richmond, VA. Measures ø2.4" x 6.5"; Holds just shy of a quarter cup.

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