Tamagoyaki Pan


Designed by Makoto Koizumi (Koizumi Studios, founded in 2003), for Ambai, this pan is a dream for all egg preparations, especially the iconic layered/ rolled Japanese style omelette. A thin iron core for maximum ductility and heat control, is coated with a proprietary Fiber Line textured surface on the cooking interior, and smooth on the exterior (it's kinda like Teflon but the textural variances aid in food release and air movement to prevent scorching). The top of the pan is angled to facilitate the layering action needed when beaten egg is added to the cooked portion, through easy to maneuver ergonomics. Teak Handle, stainless attachment. The pan cannot be used in the oven, but is suitable for a multitude of stovetop heat sources. Please do not overheat the pan or use metal utensils (wood or silicone only), and it must be hand washed. 7.5" x 5.75" cooking surface and 13.75" total length, including handle.

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